Vizag railway team builds a gadget for IR’s powerful Loco

Visakhapatnam: The railway team working at the Visakhapatnam Electric Loco Shed (VELS) in the city has indigenously developed a first-ever gadget – Printed Circuit Board, that helps the railways’ most powerful freight locomotive named WAG-9.
Currently, the Indian Railways has nearly 1,400 WAG-9 locos including 15 in Visakhapatnam.

Until now, the Visakhapatnam railways used to spend nearly Rs 6 lakh per year on each WAG-9 to import the gadget from Germany for effective services (pulling and pushing) of high-loaded wagons in the Kottavalasa-Kirandul railway line (KK-line) which is connected through hills, valleys, tunnels and dense forest cover.
The Visakhapatnam railways daily use at least 15 to 16 locos for the effective operation of the goods trains carrying iron ore on the KK-line from Bailadila in Chattishgarh to Visakhapatnam Port.
“Now, to reduce the cost of Rs 6 lakh and check the import of the gadget from Germany, the VELS team has developed the indigenous gadget. It can save Rs 5 lakh per annum to the railways,” a technical officer at the VELS said. Apart from this, the gadget works more effectively than the imported one, the officer added.
“If this gadget is implemented all 1,400 such locos in the country, the railways will save nearly Rs 700 crore per annum”, the railway officer told TOI.
East Coast Railway (ECoR) zone general manager Vidhya Bhushan, who inaugurated such first-ever WAG-9 loco equipped with gadget developed by the VELS on Wednesday, said, “I appreciate the dedicated hard work by the Vizag railway team in creating such gadgets for constructive development of train operations and effective management of locos.”
“The function of the gadget was tested and officially used for the WAG-9 locos running on the KK-line, and the same gadgets will be applied for all the WAG-9 locos across the country very soon,” said a senior railway official.
The WAG-9 locomotive plays a role in the growth of the country’s economy. The WAG-9s carry double-stack containers in electrified sections where the overhead wires are placed in a higher position than the normal.
Vizag Electric Loco Shed (VELS) has developed a ‘Printed Circuit Board’ for WAG-9 locomotive
WAG-9 is most powerful loco in Indian Railways
So far IR has been importing Printed Circuit Board from Germany
India Railways has 1,400 WAG-9 locos

Visakhapatnam has 15-16 WAG-9 locos
Railways can save nearly Rs 700 crore per annum with the application of this gadget
On a pilot basis, a WAG-9 loco with the newly developed gadget launched in Visakhapatnam