This $30 gadget will make packing so much easier

This device can help take the air out of your clothes so that you can fit more into your suitcase.

As fun as traveling the world is in theory, it can also be incredibly exhausting. New places are unfamiliar and hard to get around. There are flight and train delays. There’s jet lag, and new time zones. And of course, all these problems are only exacerbated when you’re also dragging around a big, bulky bag overflowing with all your stuff. It’s with that last problem, at least, that we can offer you some help.

The Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit is the kind of too-simple-to-believe gadget that you’ll actually be excited to show off to your friends. After filling the airtight plastic bag full of your shirts, pants, jackets, or any other soft, malleable objects you want to travel with, you activate the vacuum pump and suck them into a compact shape. The result is your clothes will take up to 70% less space than they would’ve been without the Dr. Save. The best part? There will be way more room for snacks, books to read on the plane, or souvenirs to bring home.

Normally $69.95, the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit is currently on sale for just $29. Keep in mind that’s 30% lower than the last time we wrote about it — and it’s 100% just as great as it was then.


Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit — $29