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How Tim Leatherman Created the Iconic American Multitool

Chances are you’ve got a LeathermanOpens a New Window. toolOpens a New Window. somewhere. Maybe it’s in your backyard shed or your car’sOpens a New Window. glove box or, perhaps more likely, in that catchall kitchenOpens a New Window. drawer, next to the triple-A batteries and rubber bands. It’s not just a fixture in the lives of men. It’s also a pop-culture

How to update an app on iPhone or iPad

From time to time, apps on your iPhone or iPad will need to be updated. Updating apps will fix problems, add new features, or make the app compatible with newer versions of Apple’s operating system, such as iOS 12. Updating your iOS apps is an easy thing to do, requiring only a few taps, and

How Businesses Today Are Implementing Virtual And Augmented Reality

Pexels Virtual and augmented reality is an ever-growing medium being used by businesses to improve processes and bolster employee education through training programs. My company has worked with organizations to incorporate voiceovers and functionality into the virtual environment to make learning easier for employees. In this article, I’m going to share insights that business owners can