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Social media can be toxic, but some argue it isn’t as bad as we thought

Much has been said about the potential negative impacts of social media — especially for young people. It’s been called addictive, anxiety-inducing and dangerous. In fact, a study recently conducted in the Montreal area reported a link between spending “too much time” on social media or watching television and increased symptoms of depression among teens. But now, in an effort to shed light on


Law enforcement is taking notice, and sometimes making connections of their own “A lot of our information comes from social media. Whether it be Facebook, Snapchat, or any other apps that are out there. So, basically when something is posted, the first thing we do is get a call that says have you seen this

5 Ways DevSecOps Can Manage Software Supply Chains

The unbridled use of open source components within the software supply chain is on a major uptick, according to new research. Even as this surge in open source dependencies fuels faster innovation, the study shows that it comes with high cybersecurity costs, as the number of breaches related to these components is similarly on the