Sonali Bendre’s Son Ranveer Recommends A Book For His Mother’s Next Book Club Session. Can You Guess The Name?

Sonali Bendre's Son Ranveer Recommends A Book For His Mother's Next Book Club Session. Can You Guess The Name?

Anyone who has been following Sonali Bendre on social media would be aware of the actress’ love for reading, but seems she is not the only avid reader in her family. In case you are wondering what we are talking about, we are referring to Sonali Bendre’s latest Instagram post. On Sunday, Sonali announced that the book that will be discussed in the next session of her book club meet is Kenneth Oppel’s Half Brother. Can you guess who recommended the book? It was none other than her son Ranveer Behl. The 43-year-old actress, who started a digital book club named Sonali’s Book Club last year, revealed in her post that she is “really excited” about the first mother-son collaboration of the book club and wrote: “I’m really excited as it’s the first mom-son collaboration on the book club, and I’m looking forward to exploring this book with you all!”

Later in her post, Sonali Bendre revealed that Ranveer became “more enthusiastic” about reading, after he hosted his first session of SBC ( Sonali’s Book Club). “As we come close to the end of another year, it’s amazing to see how much this book club has grown and how I can see tangible effects. After my son hosted his first SBC Live, he’s become more enthusiastic about reading, so much so that he has now recommended a book for us! So the next book for SBC is Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel,” wrote Sonali.