Everything you need to know about esports

What is esports? Esports is a catch-all term that refers to high-level video game competition that can be watched by spectators. While esports audiences are inevitably stratified by choice of game and the broader scene around esports encompasses players, coaches, fans, viewers, analysts, sponsors, advertisers, publishers, regulators, casters, production professionals and more. How big is

Tech that died in 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we bid adieu to many products and services in our beloved world of consumer technology. Some were old stalwarts that finally gave way to the passage of time. Others were short-lived trends, or ideas quickly abandoned. Here’s our look at this year’s greats and “not-so-greats”—those that passed into the

CES 2019: Seagate sharpen portable storage lineup

Seagate’s new portable SSD storage might work much the same as last year’s products did but they look a whole lot more stylish. “Today’s digital world impacts businesses and consumers globally. Companies are increasing digitization and consumers are embracing personalized, real-time data interactions. With these changes come higher expectations for managing data,” said Jeff Fochtman,