Pioneering brain study reveals ‘software’ differences between humans and monkeys

Neuroscientists have for the first time discovered differences between the ‘software’ of humans and monkey brains, using a technique that tracks single neurons. They found that human brains trade off ‘robustness’ — a measure of how synchronized neuron signals are — for greater efficiency in information processing. The researchers hypothesize that the results might help

Mumbai: This 8-yr-old’s gadget sets a disaster alarm

While the city is reeling under fire catastrophes, an 8-year-old has developed a low-cost home security gadget which will help detect fire in the house through an SMS. Not just fire, Veer Bavishi’s innovation will help to detect disaster like gas leakage, water leak, pipe outburst, burglary inside the house. Bavishi showcased his gadget in

iOS 13 and beyond: The future of iPhone and iPad

iOS is no longer the simple, mainstream operating system Steve Jobs first showed off in January of 2007 with the original iPhone. But, it’s also not yet the sophisticated, pro-centric operating system geeks have been lusting for since Steve Jobs first showed it off again in January of 2010 on the original iPad. Some want