Cybersecurity tips when posting on social media


HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Anything posted on social media can draw attention to you and potentially your personal information. Hagerstown Community College has a cybersecurity department that digs into different aspects of the internet, with social media being a prominent source for communication.
“If you’re posting things about your kids, your family, your grandchildren, and you think we’ll, I’ll just tag them, but still, those images can make their way to people who should not have those images and do bad things with those,” Diana Bartlett said, the Assistant Professor for cybersecurity at HCC.
Professors in the cyber department say it is easy for hackers and threats to come your way on social media when a user participates in things that may seem innocent and fun.
“Facebook is notorious for that, we’ll get these five questions about yourself, some will be, where did you meet your husband, what high school did you go to, what street did you grow up on, well, all of those are security questions that you use, so people can find that information,” saidĀ Bartlett.
Educators warn everyone on social media that once something is sent or posted, doesn’t mean it is actually gone. Professor Bartlett shares her advice for avid social media users…
“Think before you post, think about it, and before we respond.”